Types of College Essays

College introduces new levels of academic challenges to students who are often ask themselves questions like'how can i do my math assignment?' or 'who can write essays for money?". It tests their abilities while inspiring them to go above and beyond their previous limitations. College can be a real challenge is students don’t understand the types of assignments they’ll soon face. Without proper preparation, many students end up overwhelmed by college academics. To combat this problem, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the types of essays students can expect to receive in college. These essays are all distinctive, and should be treated with the same amount of attention and care. By understanding the types of essays that appear in college, you’ll be able to produce work that caters exactly to the specifications outlined by your professor. The main essay types that you’ll encounter in your college career include the following:

  • Persuasive and argumentative essays. Often, professors will have you produce essays in order to convince others of a certain point of view. This tests your ability to communicate effectively, argue your point, and maintain respectful composure on possible controversial topics. These essays require a large amount of research and an unbiased tone. It’s important that you maintain clear points, back up your ideas with evidence from research or studies, and respect the opposing point of view.
  • Research papers and term papers. Term papers are essentially research papers in disguise. Both assignments require the student to pick a subject-related thesis topic on which they study a vast amount of material, before coming to an educated conclusion. These assignments require students to first pick a thesis – often a statement of purpose or a question – and then explore it using various evidences gathered from scholarly sources. The key here is to always draft an outline and ensure that your research is relevant and from a credible source.
  • Descriptive and narrative essays. These two types of essays are highly similar, though with a few key differences. Descriptive essays encourage students to describe an event, emotion or scene in a meaningful way. These essays should include vibrant imagery and sensory details that spark the paper to life. Narrative essays should be written in the same fashion, with crucial details and lifelike writing. Narrative essays, however, are more commonly about personal experiences and allow online essay editor to write from his own perspective. Just make sure that, with each of these essay types, you delve deep into the description and the meaning behind the events.