Understanding argumentative research paper writing process

An argumentative research paper is a common assignment many higher education students are required to complete. The main idea of this type of research paper is to clearly argue a point. You may have a side in which you feel strongly about but it may not be the time to actually express your point of view. You are indeed providing solid evidence that point to the argument. It helps to plan ahead and select a good topic that poses a good argument to write to produce a successful paper.

Choosing Your Topic

One focal point in planning your paper includes selecting a good topic. This is usually something that has two viewpoints or sides that tend to disagree on the main idea or subject. This type of writing is great for topics or issues you have an interest in. There are dozens, maybe even hundreds, of topics for argumentative essays such as abortion, women’s rights, government funding, education, and more. The idea is to select something people often disagree with and research each side to learn about the agreement itself.

Take Your Position on Your Selected Topic

This is likely the easy part in writing your essay, but you have to work toward showing your decision is the best one. This means you will need to take notes on what concepts make your side the better side to part with for the reader. In the end, you will provide solid details to show your side is best. You will need to consider details from the other side of the argument; the side you are not on. Then, you will gather your evidence to show why your side is better. You work to provide information without getting too emotionally connected. Just work to provide interesting evidence.

Additional Information on Argumentative Research Papers

Get to know parts or sections that make up an argument research paper. You may have a thesis statement that works to pose the actual argument your paper will defend. This statement likely appears in the introduction or at the beginning of the paper. You then begin to introduce your topic and readers should know from the beginning which side you are on. Both sides of controversy should be presented to the best of your ability to show a strong argument. Sources may need to be cited. It helps to create an outline to organize points to make for your argument.