How To Create A Good Scientific Article

Crafting a good article, no matter the theme, takes care and an awareness of how to format an article in general. Writing a good scientific article begins like any other with an eye toward the audience that will be reading the article. In a scientific article this is important for how much jargon is used in the writing and how much prior knowledge is understood before reading the article you write.

If this is a first scientific article do research yourself once you know the audience. Find some journals that your readers might be reading on a regular basis. Check the instructions section for authors to see what types of suggestions that journal gives to those who contribute to it. This can give you a lens for how to frame your article and you can also then read some of the articles to get a sense of the amount of jargon used and the technique for explaining things in that particular scholarly journal.

Styles vary from field to field and from journal to journal, so it is important to understand what the expectations are of you as you write the article. Generally, however, using a direct approach with terms that are accepted in the field is the best way to go. Flowery language or using a bunch of words to say something is not necessary. While jargon is allowed, don’t get too caught up in using it when “regular” language is sufficient.

Pay attention to the structure of the writing. Paragraphs should be well crafted and lead into the next idea. Do not restate the introduction as a conclusion if there really is nothing new to add, just bridge the paragraphs. Be clear in your thoughts so that the article flows well and makes the points without rambling. Make sure that grammar and mechanics are as tight as in any other writing. Glaring errors in word choice or in punctuation take away from any writing, technical or not.

If you use any charts, graphs or photos make sure that you caption them and provide good information to explain why or what is the purpose for them to be included. Show the reader the points and do not just recount information. Good writing shines through in a scientific article as in any other one, so bring your best writing skills to the scientific article and you will craft a fine piece.