The Best Essay and Research Paper Topics

Picking a research paper or essay topic can be tricky. You certainly don’t want to pick a topic that’s going to disappoint your teacher (or yourself). Selecting interesting paper topics is crucial to producing high-quality work that will keep your grades high and your teacher happy. How do you select excellent paper topics, though? How do you rule out some possible topics, while ruling in others? Easily! Listed below are some of the most interesting topics every crafted in a research or essay paper. These topics have led many students to writing success. Skim these topics to help determine a great essay starter for yourself.

  • Government position, power or control. New laws, old regulations and tricky government topics are always an interesting topic of discussion. Try exploring possible upcoming laws or the limitations of government powers. Compare it to moral codes, past regulations or even Constitutional relevancy. A controversial topic, it is also one with limitless thesis possibilities and tons upon tons of available research, studies and publications.
  • Civil issues. This can include anything from animal rights to child soldiers. Address a serious civil issue, and you’ll have the immediate, rapt attention of any reader. Civil issues are wide in scope and provide dozens of opportunities for discussion, evaluation and probing. Plus, resources abound in this area, and many different positions and viewpoints are possible.
  • Impact of technology. While talking about technology itself can be extremely interesting, you can also lose a lot of readers by sticking strictly to the technology itself. What’s far more interesting in this field is the ability to connect technology with its impact on individuals, countries, the world, etc. Identify how technology reshapes or alters another aspect of reality, and you’ll have wide-eyed readers gobbling up your essay.
  • Controversial issues. Divorce, racism, religion, drugs, sex and so much more inspire a boatload of thesis ideas. However, these topics also require a certain level of decorum and careful planning. Controversial issues can often create compelling, intense essays backed by captivating thesis statements. Just make sure there’s nothing socially or personally offensive claimed in your writing; all evidence and argument should be factual and respectful.
  • Money and labor. Anything involving the economy, the workforce or money is likely to earn some serious interest. Some of the best topics in essay writing today regard the impact, changes and inefficiencies in today’s economy and workplace. This aspect of life effects everyone, no matter who they are, and it inspires some seriously interesting essays!