Hints for Writing an Essay: First Draft

When it comes to writing an essay, having done the research and thought of a topic that you wish to write about, then it will soon be time to write your first draft. It is worth remembering that this will not be the final piece and that there will be further drafts to write after that. Ultimately, you want your first draft to be a good template from which to work from and be prepared to make both minor and potentially major adjustments before you have a finished and well-crafted final piece.

Try to formulate ideas and get as much written as possible

In the research and planning stage of your essay writing, be sure to have created as many ideas as possible and have a good understanding of what structure you wish your essay to take. Having developed a number of themes and ideas that you wish to work from, as well as an understanding of where you want these ideas to fit in within your essay, it will become a lot easier to write the first draft.

For the first draft, it can be a good idea to write as much as possible and not to be overly concerned with the work being of the highest quality. Over subsequent drafts, you can improve the quality of the work as well as cutting out any relevant information or improving upon what you have written.

Do not expert perfect results at the first attempt

It is important that you do not expect that the first draft will be a complete and polished essay. In fact, don’t even expect perfect results as this not what the first draft is intended to be. Very few people are able to get the perfect essay written at the first attempt, instead, the first draft should be a good idea of what the final essay will be about, but still with scope to make any necessary changes.

Where possible, allow a break between writing the next draft

Having written the first draft, it is was best to allow some time before coming back to the essay to write any subsequent drafts. Your mind can still be too focused on what you originally written so as to make the necessary judgments that are required to improve the work. By allowing a short break, you can look at the work of the new perspective and a fresh mind.