How does social media influence the marketing communication of company in the 21st century?

Marketing communication is essentially passing of information from an organization to the intended target market. This information can be about new products, new market trends, the benefit of the product to the customers. This communication results in either a long-term relationship of the customers and the company or no relationship at all. Recently, due to ever advancing social technology, traditional methods of passing information to customers has been replaced with the social media. Social media is virtual networking of individuals, groups and communities where they create, exchange and share information. Some of these sites are face book, my space, twitter and  dream village

Organizations have embraced social media in the 21st century due to an increasing advancement in technology. Information can now be accessed by web based applications anytime anywhere in the globe. The advantages of using social media  far much outweigh its disadvantages:

The costs for using social media channels are relatively low as compared to traditional channels. While traditional media requires training and professional skills in production of communication material social media only needs basic skills and access to the organization’s site Another advantage of social media over traditional media is the organization can  post new  information about their new products, mergers or important company information as stated by  David Wagner and Doc Searls and get instantaneous  feedback  from the target market and hence the organization will react to statements and criticism in real time  as opposed to traditional media which may take long.

Though social media channels are effective for transmission of information organizations need to be careful to eliminate risks associated with using social medial channels. Companies use social media to keep the stakeholders and the target market on the  know about the organization’s products, emerging trends and can even hold relevant discussion about the organization(Frey59). Increasing sales volume for the organization the main  reason why organizations use social media for communication.

In choosing a suitable social media platform to use for communication with customers the organizations has to consider its objectives and actively involve itself with the chosen media in order to keep members subscribed there in interested. The social media has revolutionized the way of doing business for most organizations in the 21st century since organizations can now trade online and regardless of location customers can purchase the products.