How The Modern Age Was Characterized By Nationalism

Nationalism can be defined in five ways: a sense of belonging to a nation, the activities involved in developing and maintaining nations, political and social activities aimed at realising the goals and wills of a nation as well as a language and symbolism of a nation. Modern age on the other hand can be defined as present times. There are two centuries which explain the modern age, the Early Modern European History from the 15th century and the beginning of the 18th century which includes the age of science, the age of reason and the French revolution.

Nationalism was the winning political power during the 19th century. It developed as a result of the need for identity and the fact that the legal requirement opted for the characterization of a state by the people and not by God, imperial dominion and dynasty. It was achieved through two main ways: the exclusion method by French which ensured the destruction of other languages in the region to enforce uniformity .However the Germans embraced ethnicity which enforced the need for a people to exclusively speak German language and have German names. Nationalism can be characterized by factors including symbols of national unity such as national anthems, the shaping of nations for instance the merging of German and Italians, religion and ethnicity.

The rising of the modern age has been greatly influenced by a number of factors relating to nationalism movements .These include the development of new technology such as the steam engine and the space shuttle ,the development of new economies for instance capitalism , different ideologies as well as the development of new religions .The coming up of scientific theories such as Newton’s laws of motion, military innovations involving the development of the atomic bombs and machine gun have greatly influence the modernization. Other factors such as the recognition of art and development of new artistic expression in addition to the partnerships and social relations between nations and individual people have also contributed to the same. Despite these changes , certain factors have not been affected to a great extent ,these include: ethical values ,the need for peaceful coexistence , happy living and the nature of human being which is still characterized by instinct mind and emotion.