How to Write Term Papers: 6 Quick Tips For College Freshmen

At your first year of college you may come across a lot of types of work you have never experienced before. Research paper may be one of paper types teachers do not pay attention in high school. If this is just your case and you now have no idea what is a term paper and what to do with it, do not panic yet. Check out our tips and write a term paper that will get you a brilliant grade!

  1. Choose a great topic.
  2. Selecting the topic will be the point of your work that will determine the whole process of writing a term paper. It will decide who is the target audience of your paper, which sources you will use, for which information you will look etc.

  3. Conduct the research.
  4. Keeping your topic in mind, start to look for the information you will later use in your paper. The type of research will be determined by the type of the paper and the subject you are in. For some you will only need an academic research, for others you may need to carry out some experiments.

  5. Create your thesis statement.
  6. When you have the information you will use (or at least a significant part of it), it is time to write your thesis statement. It will be the sentence that reflects the main idea of your term paper.

  7. Create an outline to the paper.
  8. Though it may sound like something you have not done since middle school, writing an outline before actual paper will help you through your college year. It organizes your thoughts and determines the place of each and every part of the information you have.

  9. Write the actual paper.
  10. Just as any other paper, your term paper will consist of an introduction, main body and conclusion. The introduction will make your topic known to the reader, the main body will present all the information you have and the conclusion will underline what you have stated earlier and leave an impression about you.

  11. Revise your term paper.
  12. Re-read your paper several time. During the first time eliminate the weak parts and re-write them, exclude the words that are not on the right places. During the second time check the smooth flow of the paper and connections between sentences and paragraphs. By the third time check the grammar and spelling – it must be perfect!