How To Avoid Common Time Wasters When Writing Your Essay

Successfully completing an essay is easy if you happen to exist in a place without television, smartphones, WIFI, video games, books, magazines, refrigerators, friends, family, and any other major distraction. Without these distractions, students (even those who do not consider themselves to be good writers) can complete a quality essay on time. Since most of us will never live or work in a distraction-free zone, so it begs the question: How do you avoid wasting your time when you need to complete your writing assignments?

Put Away the Time Wasters

The answer sounds easy, even though it might not be easy: work without them. This means you leave your phone, books, magazines, delicious snacks, and anything else that distracts you in another room. Again, it sounds easier than it actually is, especially if you are using your computer to get work done. Since most students need to use their computers, they are often enticed by social media, shopping, sports, and other entertaining sites. Since you cannot leave your computer out of the room, you can avoid being distracted by turning off WIFI and working offline. Turning off your WIFI will keep your focused on the task at hand. However, if you must access the Internet, get what you need, then turn it off again. Another good way to keep electronic distractions at a minimum is to turn off notifications, so you are tempted to look at your phone or social media sites when lights blink or sounds happen.

Stay Away from People

Since people are often the most common distraction, many students will isolate themselves where no one can bother them. Some students will work in local coffee shops, libraries, book stores, or parks. Even though people occupy these spaces, those people are doing their own thing and usually do not cause any distractions. Many of these local spots will have free WIFI so if you do need to access the Internet, you can do so without problems.

Schedule a Time to Waste Time

When it comes to avoiding distractions, willpower is your friend. Being able to fend off the urges to make phone calls, check your social media updates, and raid the refrigerator will help you stay on task and get your work done. Anytime you are working on the computer the urges to waste time tend to come more frequently. One way you can stay on task is to give yourself some set time to waste time. Once that time is up, then you need to stay on task until the next time wasting moment arives.