How to Make Your Homework Assignments Interesting

There is usually no way to avoid having to bring schoolwork home with you. Even if you are able to complete most of it during a free period, eventually you will have a book report, an essay or a math assignment you will need to take home in order to complete it. However, doing homework doesn't have to be boring and there are ways to make it more interesting and fun. Here are some suggestions for livening up homework time.

Play Music in the Background

While your parents may think it is best for you to have complete silence while doing homework in order for you to concentrate, many people actually work better with music playing. Silence can be as distracting for some people as noise is for others, so if you find yourself getting bored because it is too quite in your room, turn on some music. Just play it low so as not to be too distracting for you or for anyone else who is home.

Reward Yourself

Set up your own reward system for doing your homework either as soon as you get home from school or after dinner. After you've finished your homework, give yourself time to play your favorite video game, read a book or talk to a friend on the phone. You don't have to share your reward system with anyone if you don't want, however, it can be a good way to motivate yourself to get your work done. Ideally, you should avoid food rewards, but allow yourself to have your favorite treat on occasion after completing a big assignment.

Make it a Competition

You can either compete with yourself to see how quickly, and accurately, you can get your homework done after you get home from school or you can hook up with a buddy to compete against. Try to set up a time to start your homework and text or email your friend as soon as you have it done. The competition may be for bragging rights only, but it can help make homework a little less boring.

Take Brain Breaks

Don't try to do your homework all at one time, especially if you have several assignments to complete. Work for 45 minutes to an hour and take a break to clear your mind. Grab a snack or a drink and just let your mind rest for a few minutes before getting back to work.