Research paper title page example in the MLA format

The style you apply to any piece of academic writing is determined by the person to who you will submit it. This can be a bit confusing, particularly if you have grown accustomed to the rules of one style, such as APA and are then informed that you must now conform to another such as MLA. Added to this, not all MLA style papers have title pages. If you are required to have one, the following elements should be included.

The Title

The name of the study is the first element you will include on your title page. You should type it one third of the page from the top in font 12, Times New Roman. Maintain this font and size throughout the page for uniformity and clarity.

Your Name

After the title, hit enter three times and type your name. If your name is fairly long, you may want to use a first initial. If your name is fairly common, you may want to include a middle initial or the entire of your middle name. If you already possess an academic qualification (like a BA), you can add this at the end of your name.

The Name of the Course

After your name, hit enter three more times and type the course’s name. You can include the course code at the end if there is one.

The Name of Lecturer/Teacher/Instructor
you are submitting to

Right below the name of the course, you then include the name of your teacher as it appears on any of the course materials you have been given.

The Date

Right below the teacher’s name you, type the date on which the research paper was completed. Occasionally you may be asked to type the date of submission instead.

You will notice that all of the information on the title page is aligned to the center. This is intentional and an aspect of the style that you will need to take care to include. Also remain aware that italics and bolding are not allowed and all the words are the same font size. Aside from those simple rules, the title page is straightforward. You will certainly be able to complete one on your own with ease.