Writing an Argumentative Essay on Gun Control

Gun control presents complex issues that are major factors fueling ongoing debates.  The subject manner is a good topic for an argumentative essay, yet you’ll need to narrow down topic options because the subject is broad. Gun control can include anything from why its needs to be enforced, to looking at how other countries handle the matter.  Policies and laws on the matter continue to create disagreements among its citizens.  So what are some things to think about when writing an essay on this subject?

  • When thinking of a topic to focus on, think about events that happened that involved a gun.  There are a number of events that have happened in recent years that caught national and global attention.  Think about responses it has generated from the public.  Maybe you have been affected by a situation involving a gun.  How has these events played a role in personal perceptions of gun control?
  • Review hot topics in this subject, but try to get an in-depth look from a different angle.  For instance, many will agree that gun control in the United States should have tighter provisions.  Yet, federal and state laws may have conflicting issues on how a citizen can obtain a weapon. 
  • Before starting your essay consider working on your outline.  Your outline may provide hints on how to organize your information and what to look for during your research.  Have a list of points you want to include in your essay to help you stay focused.  You can refer back to your outline after you completed your research to organize your data.
  • Your thesis is the main idea or argument of the essay.  When you decide on a thesis it should be a strong sentence or two that you feel you can provide a good amount of evidence to support its concept. 
  • When you consider sources for your essay, look for recommended or commonly referenced publications, books and websites.  Get opinions from people you know such as family, friends and people in your community.  Take note of observations and keep a detailed record of sources to make it easier when you cite them later. 
  • If an area of interest doesn’t jump out at you in the beginning, get inspiration from sample essays.  There is a large number of free essay samples you can view that have explored to the topic from different avenues.  There are also gun control topic examples available.