What Is an Argumentative Persuasive Essay?

An argumentative or persuasive essay is an essay that is based on a great deal of research; the essay then uses the information gathered to argue one point or another, and contains reasonable arguments for both sides including a position that you are taking and using logical steps to counteract the arguments from the other side.

What evidence can be used in an argumentative or persuasive essay?

There are plenty of different types of evidence that can be used in an argumentative essay; you can use research from literature or any kind of published material, using interpretation to argue the points of the essay with the help of this literature. You can also use any empirical evidence that you may gather; you can gather this evidence from carrying out interviews, performing surveys or experiments, or any other observations that you may make. As long as the evidence is credible and relevant then it can potentially be used in an argumentative persuasive essay.

What structure should arguments before persuasive essay take?

Like most essays, an argumentative essay will have an introduction, a body and be followed by a conclusion. It is most important in an argumentative essay that there is great distinction between each section. It should be logical using points to each section and how it may lead on to the next section rather than all rolling through as one.

The introduction

In the introduction, you should include the aims of the argument as well as informing the reader of which side the essay will take. You don’t necessarily need to go into too much detail - that is what the body is for - but equally cannot skimp on allowing the reader to have a good idea of what the essay should be about.

The main body

In the body, you use the evidence that you have gathered to argue logically either side, counteracting the opposing argument as best as possible while strengthening the view that you are taking. This will be the largest part of the essay and will be where most of the argument takes place, therefore, it needs to be logical, as well as using unemotional language based on creditable sources.

The conclusion

Finally, there will be the conclusion, this should have naturally built up to throughout the rest of the essay and it is finalizing those viewpoints. It shouldn’t necessarily include any new information but rather be a logical ending, confirming the viewpoint you made in in the introduction.