How to order an Essay from a Custom Writing Service

When you need to order for an article from a custom writing service online, it’s often very important that you go about it in the right manner for you to get value for money. There are many times when people work with high quality companies, but then end up getting substandard articles simply because they did not put forward their requests in the right manner. Of course, the first step to ordering such articles is making sure that you find a company that you can trust with this. However, once you have found one of these, you will need to go through a few steps to make sure that you increase your chances of getting exactly what you want when making the request. Some of these include:

Have very clear instructions

When you submit the request for your order, always make sure that you have very clear instructions on what you need. For instance, you need to provide information about the person in which the essay is written. There are some that are best written in first person, and others might need to be in third person. If you don’t specify such instructions, the writers might take liberties and end up providing articles that you can’t use.

Provide reasonable timelines

It is also important to provide definite timelines by which the article should have been written and submitted to you. This way, you will not have to deal with delays because the person writing the article assumed that you would not need it in a rush.

Offer incentives for high quality work

One of the best ways of making sure that you get very good results is by offering attractive incentives. For instance, you could offer a 50% extra payment in case the article turns out to be exceptionally good. This will spur the writer to give it their all to ensure that they write a very good article. This also means that you will end up getting more value for money.

In case of rejection, give reasons why

There are some writing firms that allow you to reject work, so that the writers can redo it if you are not satisfied. In such cases, it’s only fair to provide an accurate description of why you rejected the article, so that the writer can rectify this. Most of the time, they are able to do this with ease if they know why the article was rejected.