How to order custom essays from an online agency?

Ordering custom essays from an online agency isn’t difficult, but it’s wise to follow some simple tips to help ensure that you receive a quality paper in return.

  • Choose a good writing service.
  • That means you should choose a service with a good reputation, one which employs quality writers, and provides only plagiarism free, custom-written essays. Find a service which has been established for at least a year; long-established services have a reputation to protect, and they do so by providing their clients with great custom essays, on time!

  • Be clear about what you need
  • Assignments vary dramatically from discipline to discipline, region to region, school to school, and instructor to instructor. Your hired writer isn’t a mind reader! First, provide the assignment as you received it, word for word. Second, provide any in-class assigned materials which your instructor will expect to have incorporated into the assignment. Third, share any of your professor’s personal preferences and pet peeves. Some professors think that the use of passive voice is appropriate at times, while others will red-line any instance of it that they come across.

  • Set an Early Deadline
  • Don’t give the service a deadline that’s only a few hours before the actual paper is due. If at all possible, the deadline you give should be a few days to a week prior to the turn-in deadline. This gives you ample time to review the essay as received and request any necessary changes and revisions before turning it in.

  • Ask Questions
  • Don’t be hesitant to ask the service representative questions about the writing process, the individual writer, their education or expertise, or clarification regarding fees. Usually when students are disappointed by their custom written essay, from a reputable agency, it’s because they had unclear or unrealistic expectations about the finished product. Some good questions to ask include questions about fees for edits and revisions, research, and formatting/citation.

  • Order Early
  • Order well ahead of time so you have adequate time to communicate with the service/writer about the essay, to check on its progress, and to be assured that it will be completed by the deadline you’ve set

  • Be Prepared to Pay
  • Writing an assigned essay is hard, tedious work—that’s why you don’t want to do it. Be prepared to pay a decent fee to a good service. Services which offer extremely cheap essays are usually low quality or untrustworthy.