Successful Learning Tips: Doing Your Math Homework

Doing your math homework can be both rewarding and frustrating. Most high school students usually jump right into doing their homework assignment before reviewing and understanding which skills an assignment is trying to reinforce. If a student finds homework difficult they will often try to merely find an answer without going through the steps of learning. But that’s a terrible approach that usually leaves students in the dark.

Try these tips to improve your learning and math homework success.

Review class note and textbook material. Before starting your assignment it’s always a good idea to look over the learning section of textbook or class notes that relates to your homework. Reviewing it before improves your chances of remembering where to look if you get stuck on a particular problem.

Do your homework as neatly as possible. This may seem a little odd at first but studies have shown that clear and neat writing will actually let you remember the work you’ve completed. An added benefit is that your teacher will have an easier time understanding what it was you were trying to do and can help you understand where you went wrong.

Write down every step of each problem. Even if you completely understand the steps you need to take to get to the right answer, writing out each step improves your memory through repetition. Also, when you get a problem wrong you get the chance to review each step and can identify where you made a mistake.

Check your answers. You shouldn’t flip to an answer guide or back of a text book to copy an answer, but you should use the right answers to make sure you understand the assignment and are solving for the right answers. Keep reminding yourself of the laws, properties or rules you used to solve problems.

Review the important concepts. After you are done with your assignment it’s a good idea to review the key concepts you covered. Whether you use notecards or a separate notebook practice writing out some of the things you learned. Reinforcement is key to all types of learning and certainly important when doing math.

No matter how difficult your math homework is, be sure you consult your teacher or tutor and ask for assistance. They want you to succeed and will likely do whatever it takes to give you the tools necessary to learn.