Ideas for Writing Animal Testing Papers

Animal testing papers are going to fall into two categories of essays: either report or persuasive compositions. When assigning children to write a paper on animal testing, it is best that you define how many sources you want the student to use and how many in-text citations you require. Once settling on the type of paper and the numbers, the assignment can be given. The easiest way to generate ideas for an animal testing paper is to ask the children to explore their home.

Home: A Treasure Trove of Topic Ideas

Many of the products used in the home were born from animal testing. A student can literally walk from room to room to garner inspiration for a topic. A sampling of room ideas and topics might be:

The Living Room

  • Furniture polish
  • Floor cleaner
  • Upholstery products
  • Windex for windows

The Kitchen

  • Dishwasher detergent
  • Wet wipes
  • Silver cleaner

The Bathroom

  • Shampoo
  • Hair conditioner
  • Shaving cream
  • Face cleaner
  • Face moisturizer

The Bedroom

  • Makeup foundation
  • Mascara
  • Eye shadow
  • Eye liner

The options for animal testing topics are unlimited. When working with students, if you can point the children to inspiration that is in their world, they will connect with the idea more easily. Students are most comfortable with what they know. Once they select a topic, be diligent and helpful when it comes to showing them how to search key words.

Key Word Searches

Students have this strange habit of searching two words and then throwing their hands up in the air in desperation. In the age of instant Internet , they sometimes expect the research to fall in their laps.

It is okay to give them some key word tips, but do not do all the work for them. Some key words for the animal testing research paper might be:

  • Products and animal testing
  • Harsh chemicals and animal testing
  • Companies who test on animals
  • Labs and animal testing

Use the two-word search with the students; otherwise you will find they write entire sentences to search with and the hit becomes too broad. In the world of SEO (search engine optimization), many writers stuff their articles with nonsensical and unrelated words, so the public gets hits on random discovery attempts.

Excellent Results

The animal testing research papers will be filled with passion. Make sure the kids temper the passion with valid and credible research. As always, they should follow the MLA standards and have in-text citations.