Article Review Writing Help: Prewriting and Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a great tool to use in the prewriting stages of an article review, and it provides a free and open thought process that encourages creative ideas. Usually by brainstorming before writing, the end result of your article review will be more dense and dynamic in the final draft. Do not shy away from quirky ideas in the brainstorming process. While many ideas may be thrown out, brainstorming is a tool that can help develop a rich array of writing content that will enrich the overall writing piece in the end. In order for brainstorming to be effective, it is important to approach it with an open mind and with a spirit on non-judgment of your ideas. Because this is only the first step in the writing process, there is a lot of leeway to be had for coming up with a variety of ideas.


Visualization is a great way to brainstorm and can help you organize your thoughts in the process. One way to visualize is to create a mind map. A Mind map is the process of using visual diagrams in order to show the relationships between different ideas or information. This is an especially popular tool because it can allow you to map out resources and has the potential to help you uncover new ideas. In many ways, mind mapping is more useful that attempting to keep track of ideas by scribbling them down on a piece of paper. If done in an optimal way, mind mapping can aid in manipulating and generating different concepts that otherwise would be overlooked. There are many different ways to customize a mind map in order to have it reach its maximum benefits. There are freehand, styling and text options available for you to code and make sense of the material.

Purge your Ideas

In the process of brainstorming, be erratic with your ideas and jot each one down, no matter if you do not think it will make it in the final draft. The purpose for brainstorming at this initial level is to get all of your ideas out onto paper so that you can have a source to look at. The best article reviews come from ideas where you have many different options to choose from. This will help you uncover a lot of areas that you feel is necessary to address in your article review for the future.