How Has Religion Affected Guyanese Youths In Comparison To American Youths? 

Where a person grows up is going to have a huge affect on many aspects of their culture and religion is one of them. For youths in Guyana there are going to be several choices about which of the religions they will follow. The two major religions in Guyana are going to be Christianity and Hinduism ban those two dominate the decisions that the children of these societies take. To compare and contrast their experience in comparison to American Youths is going to prove fruitless as there are such a wide dynamics of difference in the United States that choosing one particular group would be impossible. In some ways the difference is great and in other situations there is obviously not going to be any difference at all. One of the variances is in the following and establishment of cults.

Cult Problems

In the late 1970’s a extreme group of Christian followers of a man named James Jones, moved to a compound in the jungle of Guyana in order to find a place where they could follow their religion without governmental interference. This was a cult and as the Guyanese government and American government moved in to arrest Jones, he led his followers in a mass suicide that killed hundreds of people. This tragic event changed some aspects of freedom of religion in their country, even though the majority of the victims were from the United States.

This obviously had an effect on the way that religious leaders can run their business in Guyana. To avoid any type of tragedy of this sort there has to be precautions taken. In the United States, even the most out of the norm religions are given the right to establish their practices. There have been a number of famous cults since that time, who have committed atrocities and mass suicides.


The result is that children in Guyana are afforded much moiré protection from the people who are running and establishing cults in their nation. Since all religious organizations need to have a government approval then there can’t be an indoctrination into the weirdness of that religious sect. In the United States the well being of children when it comes to religious affiliation is largely controlled by the parents and the government only becomes involved after there is a problem. Also faced with the second largest aids affected population in Latin America, the youth of Guyana are leading the movement of people that are fighting against the spread of aids and using religion to help them.