Managing High Risk Sex Offenders in the Community - Research Paper Example

Managing high risk sex offenders in the community is a topic that has been debated for a long time. There are a number of methods that have been proposed to deal with these sex offenders. They include:rehabilitation and restorative techniques, chemical castration (pharmacotherapy) and sex offender treatment schemes. I believe the best method would be the Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSAs). Canada was the first country to adopt this method. UK later adopted it in 2000. A “Circle” is made up of a group of five volunteers and the sex offender as the “Core Member”. Following the success of initial schemes, the scheme is presently used all over the UK. Sex offenders cause uneasiness in the society once released. This is because the society views them as outcasts.

As a result, this makes them feel lonely and decreases their level of self-esteem. This deters reintegration and possibly increasing the chances of re-offending. These volunteers hold meetings regularly both as individuals and as a group with a high risk sex offender in their society. They assist the sex offender settle into the community through a relationship of support and care. This relationship looks to boost any plan the sex offender may have formulated. It also assists in setting personal objectives which will positively result in the achievement of a more fulfilling and pleasing life. The Circle is overseen by a professionally trained coordinator. This may be a social worker or a probation officer. They also play the part of a link between the statutory agencies and the circle for all important information and communication. These agencies are in charge of the sex offender’s risk management. I believe this is a method that should be adopted by other countries in the world.