How to Write an Article Review: Outlining

So you are writing an article review and need an outline. If you don’t know where to start I have a solution for you. Today I will be discussing with you some tips to craft an outline that will eventually lead to an awesome final product. To most people outlines seem like a drab. You have to dig deep and put all your ideas on paper before organizing them into a workable article review. Most people don't want to do the outline. You want to just delve right in and start that awesome paper, but the outline is helpful in a variety of ways.

  • Benefits of outlining- There are many benefits of outlining an article review. The main benefit is, it allows you to pull out all your thought and structure them into a fluid paper. This sort of structure allows you to organize your ideas in order to create a hierarchy of main points with supporting details called subheadings. Focus for your paper is created using this method as it is important to note that lack of focus can turn a paper unsuccessful.
  • How to outline your article review- The first step in outlining is to write down all ideas. You can use a webbing too to do so. In the middle bubble, you will list what the main idea of the article review is centered around or the topic in question. We will call this your lead actor. From the lead, draw arrows to three or four sub categories that are pivotal to developing the topic. Let us call these sub categories as the supporting actress. For an article review relevant sub categories are quality of the paper, readability, and address the targeted audience appropriately. From the sub categories you should list two or three points, let us call them the crew, that explains your sub headings. These are examples from the text that highlight the questions in the sub categories. This brainstorming method promotes idea development, and organization of important information.
  • Turning your outline into gold- After you have structured your outline you can craft your paper. You must start the introduction by introducing the main idea, following up with the subcategories. In the body introduce the subcategories with their supporting detail and finalize the paper with a well written summary.