Writing an Essay from Scratch: Making Notes

Writing notes before writing an essay is an integral part of the essay writing process. It varies from person to person, but usually people are visual learners. With visual learners, they are more receptive to information once they actually see the information in front of them. On another hand, there could be visual planners as well.

Visual planners, though not well known in the vernacular, are people that plan the best once they plan information right in front of them. You may be a visual planner and not know it, as you have never been exposed to the idea or have never attempted it. However, making notes is a type of visual planning, and can dramatically increase your productivity and efficiency of writing an essay.

  • Brainstorm notes- Before writing an essay, put a bunch of ideas on paper. They do not have to be sensible, and can include keywords to start. The idea is to get the creative juices going so you will end up having more material to touch upon in your essay.
  • Diagram notes- It is best to compile your brainstorm notes into tidier sections with the help of a diagram. You will be able to see clearer focus and compartmentalization in this section, which will help in the writing process. If you organize well enough in the diagrams, the essay process will be a breeze since you already laid out the groundwork for the essay.
  • Paper versus electronic- some people insist on making their plans on their computer. This makes sense because typing out a plan seems more legible, and with all of the organizational tools available on the web, it would seem to benefit you. However, sometimes it is better to go back to pen and paper to brainstorm for you essay. Your mind and hand are connected, and seeing the ideas in your own handwriting might make for better organizational skills because you are remembering the information twice- thinking, and actually writing the words drives the ideas more into your consciousness.

It is always recommended to make notes before writing an essay. Writing notes before the essay will allow the ideas to flow more naturally when writing out the information of your essay, which is a great result. It is also a time saver- some forethought will definitely be helping complete the writing process in a more timely writing. Happy planning!