College Essay Writing Ideas: Arouse The Reader's Curiosity

Writing a good college essay depends on the topic selected by the writer. Most of the time it is recommended to choose a topic of interest that you know well or want to learn more about. It is a matter of selecting something that has a considerable amount of interest with a larger group of people, such as something trending in the media or local news. You can pretty much choose any topic you want to write about, considering you know what details to include while writing to make it interesting to your reading audience. The following points are things that can help you come up with intriguing ideas for your essay.

  • How are you different from others? What is so special about your life, background, and your identity in general? Each person has their own story. Think about things that have happened in your life that helped you get to this point. You can consider sharing details that has made a big influence on your life.
  • Talk about a failure you experienced. When you think about it, such content is often interesting and arousing as people want to know how you got through it. What did you learn from the experience?
  • Where is your comfort zone? Think about an environment or place where you feel you are most content. Why is this place special to you? This can give insight on what you value the most around you and how it has influenced or inspired your actions.
  • What accomplishments have you made? Have you experienced and accomplishment or event that was significant in helping you transition in your life? This can be anything related to your community or family. Try to avoid bragging or coming off as a hero. You want to show you have gained a level of maturity while providing a meaningful lesson you have learned that has helped you grow as a person.
  • Think about ideas that interest you and details you would mention. You may need to consider changing positions; if you were reading the essay what information would be necessary to spark your interest?
  • When considering ideas, choose something that will allow you to be creative and flexible. This also goes back to the previous point about putting yourself in the position of the reader. Such ideas may allow you to present something common but with a unique perspective.