What is cause and effect essay - an elaborate description

The Cause and Effect essay is the analytical exploration of the cause for a historical issue or event and the subsequent effects that followed as a result. If you were to use the Google Search Engine definition, it would read as follows, “The essay that distinguishes the connections between a certain event and what has caused it, defines what cause is and what effect is in some particular case.”

The sole purpose of the cause and effect essay is to get the writer thinking analytically and then sharing those thoughts in a concise and clear communicative way through the written platform of an essay.

Like most essays, the essay is split into three primary sections:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

*Note: The amount of paragraphs that make up the body are contingent on the length of the essay, which would in turn affect the amount of points/effects that are presented (weak Cause and Effect reference).

Each section plays its on role in the greater scheme of the essay.


This is where you present the topic, cause and the associated thesis statement that you created on behalf of the essay. This is not where you begin to present the effects and connect them to the cause.


Depending upon the scope of your topic, you may find it necessary to narrow the amount of effects you’ll be presenting in the essay. The best way to go about this is highlighting the most important effects as they relate to the cause. Remember not to overwhelm the reader by presenting too much information or forgetting to connect each respective effect to the cause. This could result in the reader becoming lost or even uninterested in your essay.


The conclusion is where you will summarize all the effects and their connections to the cause. You will also want to restate your thesis to bring everything full circle. Do not under any circumstances, use this section to further analyze your thoughts or present a slew of new information. Keep this section short and to the point.

Writing a strong Cause and Effect essay is all about trusting the outline you’ve laid out and following it through completion. It will challenge you but you’ll be a better communicator until it’s all said and done.