What you should never mention in your personal essay

Writing an essay may seem like a task that requires a student to simply follow instructions but there are various boundaries a student should never cross in order to prevent them from writing inappropriate content that has no relevance.

Here are nine things one should never mention in their essays:

Family opinions and experiences

A student is required to separate family experiences and the essay topic. The two may be related but it is advisable to maintain objectivity while writing the essay because the student is expected to be a neutral party.

Specific company and individual names

While writing an essay it is important not to victimize particular public figures and organizations because it is dangerous for their reputation and should the essay get public exposure the student will be in allot of trouble.

Biased opinions that favor particular parties

The student should never be biased while writing an essay this is dangerous because the reader may not appreciate any biased remarks made making it difficult for them to grade the essay without victimizing the student. It is also prohibited.

Vulgar thoughts and language<

Students should not mention or use any vulgar language or obscene expressions while writing an essay. Such language is uncouth and highly unprofessional. It ruins the perception a reader may have of the writer’s content and it also creates a bad impression.

Violent concepts and beliefs

The essay should not have any violent expressions or content. The student is advised to avoid any statements that may agitate the reader or encourage any form of violence.

Sensitive subjects that target particular communities

Students are not allowed to mention subjects that are inappropriate in their essays. Unless the subject or community is the topic of their essay, mention inappropriate subjects makes an essay lose its relevance making it go off topic.

Content that has no facts to support it

While writing an essay a student should not mention theories and conspiracies that have no evidence. Essays should be a reliable source of information hence fantasy tales have no place in essay writing.

Statements or remarks that are discriminating

A student is not allowed to make statements that discriminate or insult a particular group of people. Such content is inappropriate and illegal.

>Graphic details or descriptions those are inappropriate.

These are details that are irrelevant to a reader or topic hence giving too much information that is not needed is not advisable.