Article Review: What Essential Rules Are To Be Observed?

The idea behind article reviews is to learn from those in the field through what they written about. Such writing assignments help students understand different viewpoints of professionals. A review may be seen as a summary of a piece of written work, but you will need to take your time to understand it in order to articulate and produce a well-written paper. This means you will analyze the main idea of the topic and it’s supporting points to see how well the writer hit the mark on highlighting its purpose.

You Are Learning How to Write an Article from an Expert

An article review basically provides insight on an article written by another writer. You are providing insight based on what you observed. You provide a summary of what the article is about. You present what you think are strengths and weaknesses of the article content. You may also reference information from the article in your review. Writing assignments of this nature help you learn from experienced writers on how to structure, define and present a topic.

Taking Time to Read the Article More than Once

One aspect that is important to understanding how to write an article review includes reading the article multiple times. This helps you understand details included in the article and the main idea. You can take notes on aspects you may want to mention or quote in your review. This also provides more stability for your outline. You can create a good summary based on the main idea and give your opinion on how well the writer provided supporting data. Sometimes you can pick up details you may have missed when you read it before.

Using an Outline to Help You Highlight Key Points

As mentioned, an outline provides stability for your review. You can create one based on important points mentioned in the article. You can include talking points you plan to discuss and how you want to present them. You can write your rough draft based on details in your outline. Your rough draft provides a basic summary of information you have collected from the article. You will then rewrite and clean up your review. You can read your content over again and proofread your work. You may need to read the article one more time and then read your review to get an idea of comparison.